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A blackjack game in progress, with several chips and playing cards on a blue table

If you’re new to gambling, casinos can be somewhat intimidating places. For one, you don’t know where to start because you’ve never played at a casino. And no, the slots don’t count! While slots are plenty of fun, there’s a big difference between pulling a lever and understanding the complexities of a table game.

Nobody’s born knowing how to gamble! And yet, people Google the words “casinos with table games near me” with abandon every day. If you’re excited to gamble at your friendly neighborhood casino, this handy guide will help you learn the ropes!

Common Table Games at Casinos


Easy to learn and fun to play, Baccarat offers friendly odds that are attractive to new players. Players face off with the “banker” (in reality, the dealer), with each receiving two cards. The winner is whoever has the total points closest to the number 9. For this game, face cards and 10s are without value.

For any hand dealt that adds up to less than five, players will be given an additional card. If you bet on a player with a hand closest to nine, your bet pays out double. Betting on a winning banker/dealer hand gets you 95% of your wager paid out.


If you’ve been searching “casino with table games near me”, you may well have been inspired by the call of blackjack, which sees players trying to beat the dealer. Each player seeks to have two cards that add up to more than what the dealer has in hand. And whatever that number is, it must be less than 21 to win. In blackjack, numbered cards count for the numerical value shown on the card. Face cards are valued at 10, and the ace of any suit is worth either one or 11. And with a house edge of just 1% in most casinos, blackjack’s a good bet!

The object of the game is to have the two cards in your hand add up to more than the two cards in the dealer’s hand—without exceeding 21. If you go over 21, you lose. The normal value of an ace is one point. But if the other card and the ace add up to more than 21, the card takes the normal value of one. Blackjack is the most widely enjoyed of all the table games at casinos.

But to play blackjack well, practice online or check out the plethora of online guides to learn the finer points of the game.

A blackjack game in progress, with several chips and playing cards on a blue table


Craps, one of the most exciting table games at casinos, involves two dice being rolled. Before each “throw,” the bets are taken. If the “come-out roll” (at the start of the game) amounts to seven or 11, the bet’s a winner. But if that roll amounts to two (“snake eyes”), three, or 12, the bet loses. The last three numeric values mentioned are known as “craps” for obvious reasons, and throwing them is known as “crapping out”. If the throw adds up to any other number, a point is set accordingly. When that number is thrown again (if thrown before a seven is rolled), the bet wins.

Casino personnel are important to know in table games like craps, as they’re the beating heart of craps tables at casinos. There are two dealers, a boxperson, and a stickperson. It’s the boxperson who’s in charge of the table. This person distributes chips and manages disagreements between players. The second base dealer stands to the right of the boxperson. Players located next to the second base dealer are on the second base side.

To the left of the boxperson is the third base dealer. Players on that side are on third base. The stickperson moves the dice around the table with a stick fitted with a hook for that purpose, standing opposite the boxperson. The craps table is easy to find, too! Just follow all the hooting and hollering to one of the most beloved and engaging table games at casinos.


Roulette is an icon of table games at casinos. Everyone recognizes the croupier’s thrilling spin of the ball. But approaching a roulette table can be a little intimidating if you’re new.

The roulette wheel is equipped with pockets that are numbered and colored either red or black, alternating around the wheel. Players lay down their chips on the gaming table before the wheel is spun by the croupier. After the wheel’s spun, it will end up in a specific pocket. If you’ve bet red/black (for the ball to land on one or the other), the color determines whether you’ve won. If you’ve bet that the ball will land on a number, the number determines a winning bet.

As always, observing play before throwing yourself into the game is highly recommended. With this simple guide, you’ll be playing like a pro in no time and winning at this icon among table games at casinos.

Roulette players gather around the gaming table and place their bets

Three-Card Poker

Since its introduction in the 1990s, three-card poker has become enormously popular with gamblers everywhere. Players take on the dealer, placing an “ante” bet. After being dealt three cards, players decide whether they’ll play or fold. Folding forfeits the bet. But players can also match the original ante bet with a play bet. This enormously popular style of poker is rapidly becoming a favorite among table games at casinos.

Similar to Texas hold ‘em, three-card poker is a simpler type of poker. Dealers need a Queen or a higher-value card to play. If they don’t have this in their hand, a play bet will result in a tie, and an ante bet will receive an even payout. Just be aware that the house edge in this game favors the dealer at just over 55%.

Gaming For Fun

Table games at casinos offer a world of fun and excitement. At Tonkawa Hotel & Casino, we love to see people having fun, whether they win or lose. At our welcoming properties, you’ll find friendly staff ready to make your visit memorable. Tonkawa Hotel & Casino welcomes you to enjoy all the fun of responsible gaming.

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Author: James Wright